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Enjoy super-fast Singtel 4G anywhere, anytime

With our Combo Mobile BroadBand plan, you can use your laptop or tablet to download large files at lightning speeds and play your favourite online games without lag. Keep your fast-paced lifestyle running smoothly with Singtel 4G and Wifi.

Price Plans (all prices are inclusive of GST)

Data Plans

Enjoy FREE registration and data SIM activation worth $48.15 when you sign up online.

Combo Mobile BroadBand Data Plans
  Combo Mobile
Broadband 2
Combo Mobile
Broadband 5
Combo Mobile
Broadband 10
Monthly Subscription $19.90 $29.90 $49.90
Local Data 2GB 5GB 10GB
Singtel WiFi 2GB (Unlimited usage till 30 November 2015)
Typical Download Speed 4G (Up to 150Mbps): 16 – 70Mbps
Contract Term 3 months or 24 months
Tablet Top-up Option*

$15/month over 24 months

Applies for 24-month contract

Youth +1GB
+10% OFF on 24-month contract
USB modem and Mobile WiFi

 FREE USB modem 
Huawei E3372 (U.P. $149)


FREE Mobile WiFi modem 
Huawei E5377 (U.P. $239)


Mobile WiFi modem at $168
Surf at 300Mbps 

Huawei E5786# (U.P. $399)


Applies for 24-month contract

Add-on services
Additional 500MB at $10.70/month and share your data bundle across multiple devices
DataRoam Saver Unlimited data roaming now at 71 destinations from as low as $15/day.

For special promotions, click  here
*Applies for 24-month contract 
*24-month contract applies for equipment top-up. 
Typical range of download speeds that a user can experience 80% of the time for Combo Mobile BroadBand Plan is 16Mbps - 70Mbps. 
#Typical range of download speeds that a user can experience 80% of the time on the Huawei E5786 Mifi is 20Mbps - 140Mbps. 
For more details on the typical download speed range, please go to
Combo Mobile BroadBand : All prices include 7% GST. A one-time connection fee of $10.70 and SIM card charge of $37.45 apply unless stated otherwise. A contractual term of 24 months apply for all plans signed up with equipment, such as dongles/Mobile WiFi/tablets, otherwise, a 3-month contract term applies. All downgrade or early termination is subject to penalty. Free USB modem, Mobile WiFi and Premiums are while stocks last. Singtel reserves the right to replace another model of equivalent value. SIM card issued for Mobile Broadband Data plans may incur SMS, MMS or Blackberry charges if the phone or tablet support the mentioned services. The bundled worth of data is only applicable for local data access and cannot be used to offset SMS, MMS or BlackBerry charges. Standard GPRS/3G roaming rates apply. 4G excess data usage is charged at the prevailing rate of $10.70/GB and capped at $188/mth for unlimited usage. The discounted rate and data cap are valid for a limited period. All downgrade or early termination is subject to penalty. The download speed of the individual price plan will be limited to 64Kbps if the monthly local data bundle is exceeded at any time during the customer’s monthly bill cycle. The speed limit will be lifted at the start of the next bill cycle. Singtel WiFi:  Singtel WiFi is currently available only with selected smartphones and tablets. Promotion of free unlimited Singtel WiFi usage is for Combo Mobile Broadband plan subscribers and end on 30 November 2015. From 1 December 2015, Combo Mobile BroadBand plan subscribers will enjoy free 2GB Singtel WiFi bundle. Any usage in excess of this free bundle will be deducted from the Customer’s regular local data bundle. Prevailing excesscharges and monthly bill cap apply after customer has exceeded the free local data bundle. Tablet top-up option:  A monthly fee of $15 applies for 24 months in addition to the monthly subscription. All downgrade or early termination is subject to penalty. MBB Youth Plan:  Present local student pass or 11B identity card at the sales counter during sign up. Full time NS men with Service Status “NSF” in SAF issued 11-B Identity Card (i.e. those serving2 year Full Time) and aged 25 years and below at the point of sign up. Free 1GB local data bundle will be available for 24 months, whereby it will be automatically removed from 25th month onwards. 10% discount applies only for 24-month contract. Thereafter, prevailing rates will apply. From 31st Jan 2015 onwards, Singtel WiFi is now applicable on Student plans. Not applicable with any other Mobile BroadBand promotions. For more details on the typical download speed range and full details on Service Terms and Conditions, visit . Singtel reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.



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